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How Does Personal Branding Affect Your Present and Future?

What is a Brand? My observations suggest that your personal brand is that thing, your thing, that sets you apart from the competitive crowd in the eyes of your audience. I read in a book that your brand is the word you’ve reserved in people’s heads. Even if it’s not just one word, it’s crucial that it’s something focused. And here is where our deliberate efforts come in. “Jack of all trades” isn’t always a good and useful brand for us.

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Is Online Business for Me or Should I Look for Another Calling?

Then there’s the second type of people. These are the odd birds who were always “clicking” on the computer in school while their peers were playing soccer outside. These people simply love technology, computers, apps, the Internet. But that’s not all. They love learning new things, they love to experiment, and sometimes they do many things at once (which they enjoy). They might build a successful online business or they might not, but all the while, they do it with a tongue out and with great pleasure.

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On Opitimism

For some reason, being grounded, balanced, practical, and stable is considered very valuable and good. But if you’re a dreamer, believe in yourself and your success, and aim to achieve a lot in life, that’s seen as bad and unproductive personally and family-wise. The prevailing opinion also says not to aim too high because you’ll fall hard, not to set big goals because they’re unrealistic and laughable, and not to strive for success because

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The Three Most Important Factors in Digital Marketing

There are three crucial factors in internet marketing that determine whether you’ll succeed or remain among the dreamers of internet riches. Without these three factors, your website is just a useless pile of files, taking up space on some server in the Internet.

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A smile is free. You won’t lose anything if you smile. Do it now. With the first person you meet. Then try with the second. Keep going like this all day. I believe you’ll feel like doing the same tomorrow.

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