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How Does Personal Branding Affect Your Present and Future?

What is a Brand? My observations suggest that your personal brand is that thing, your thing, that sets you apart from the competitive crowd in the eyes of your audience. I read in a book that your brand is the word you’ve reserved in people’s heads. Even if it’s not just one word, it’s crucial that it’s something focused. And here is where our deliberate efforts come in. “Jack of all trades” isn’t always a good and useful brand for us.

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A smile is free. You won’t lose anything if you smile. Do it now. With the first person you meet. Then try with the second. Keep going like this all day. I believe you’ll feel like doing the same tomorrow.

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Hi, I am Boril. Nobody can pronounce my last name, so don’t bother.

Over the past 20 years, I went from a graphic designer, to web developer, to marketer, to Marketing Director, to CMO. 

I worked with 100+ brands, created 250+ websites myself, touched the life and work of 10,000+ marketers and entrepreneurs, built 6 marketing teams and visited 29 countries.

Spend some time on my site. I am sharing a lot of things. Maybe you will be able to avoid some suffering in marketing, business and life. Maybe you will find the missing piece to fluorish and thrive.

Who knows…

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